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Ever try to clean that ugly calcium ring around the water line of your pool? It takes a lot of elbow grease to get it off. In most cases, the average pool owner will never be able to remove stubborn calcium stains from their pool tile, Pebble Tec or Rock waterfall or Fountain. You may be wasting your time using those other methods such as pumice stones etc. that may damage your tile. We are here to help.

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AZ Tile Cleaning and Pebble Repair uses state of the art equipment to clean your Pool Tile, because once tile becomes calcified it becomes hard as rock to get off and takes special equipment for that purpose. (bold)We have the equipment it takes to do the job right!

We use the glass bead method for tile cleaning . Glass beading is a fast safe and effective technique which removes calcium and scale deposits on pool tile.

Rather than putting harsh chemicals in your pool when we clean the tile, we’re simply blasting the hard plaque off the tile. Using the glass bead method, you’ll be able to use your pool as soon as we finish the tile cleaning.

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