Other Services

Besides Tile cleaning in Mesa (480)221-6222 Tempe Chandler Gilbert Scottsdale Queen Creek and surrounding areas we also offer the following pool services:

Pebble Tec Repair:

Sometimes Pebble Tec cracks. Its mainly a surface issue and not a structural issue. But don’t worry Pebble Tec can be repaired. We can match your pebble Tec and repair it so you can enjoy the look of your pool again.

Pool Draining:

In Arizona pool water gets hard fast. We recommend draining your pool every 2 to 3 years to avoid high calcium buildup and high TDS levels in your pool so you can swim in fresh water again.

Pool Cleaning:

Yes we clean pools. Call us to discuss your pool cleaning needs.

Rebar Repair:

Ever wonder what those rust stains are on the bottom of your pool? Chances are it is the rebar in the shell of your pool rusting through. We will come out chip out the rebar, treat it, then patch it over so the rust will no longer show through.

Pool Repair:

Check out our list of pool repairs on our pool repair link @ www.poolservicemesaaz.com

Seal Tile Crack:

What’s causing your tiles to fall off? Chances are your pool is settling causing a crack under the lip of your deck. Call us and we can seal the crack and repair any tiles that have fallen off.

Acid Wash:

Visit our acid wash page for further information on acid wash service we provide

Chlorine Wash:

For stubborn algae sometimes its best just to drain your pool and give it a chlorine bath. A chlorine wash is less harsh than an acid wash. When you call we can discuss which service is best for you.

Plaster repair:

If some of your plaster is delaminating in spots and you’re not ready to resurface the whole pool, we can repair it. Just call us today.

Calcium nodules:

Ever wonder what those bumps are on the bottom of your pool? Chances are those are calcium nodules. Calcium Nodules are like stalactites and they form when pool aren’t drained at regular intervals. Call us and we can take care of those so you can have a smoother surface on the bottom of your pool.

Salt Water Pool Conversions:

If you’re interested in a salt water pool conversion we can take care of that. Saltwater pools produce their own chlorine saving you money on chemicals! Saltwater is a more natural and less harsh method of sanitizing your pool and works well with those who are more sensitive to chemical chlorine.

Pool Safety Fence:

Safety is an issue when you have a pool in your backyard, especially if you have small children. But the problem is those unsightly Iron Pool fences. We have the solution. We Install Vinyl security fences that are more pleasing to the eye yet durable and strong to keep your kids safe. Call us and we can discuss your Poll Fencing needs.


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