What causes calcium buildup on pool tile?

Arizona has extremely hard water and as the water evaporates from your pool the calcium stays in your pool and continually builds up leaving you with that unsightly waterline ring.. Also the average pool owner never balances the ph and alkalinity correctly which can reduce the problem but even with proper alkalinity the calcium will still build up somewhat.

How often should I drain My Pool?

The recommendations for pool draining is every 2 to 3 years in Arizona or when Calcium levels reach 1000 parts per million.

Do I need to drain my pool prior to cleaning?

Yes and no. It is best for the Pool to be drained to lower the calcium levels in your pool prior to cleaning to alleviate the calcium ring from coming back sooner. And that is the most recommended way, However we can also clean tile that has water still in your pool, we would have to drain the pool below the tile of course. We do all the pool draining ourselves and come out to set the pump the day prior to the cleaning.

What method do you use to clean pool tile?

We use the glass bead or bead blasting method to clean pool tile. which entails using fine glass beads to gently remove calcium from your tile or Pebble tec.

How long does it take to clean tile?

It takes about 3 to 4 hours from start to finish.

Does my pool need an acid wash?

It really depends on what the finish looks like? If there are many stains on the pool that you can’t stand, acid washing your pool may be necessary. However, an acid wash will make your finish rougher as it removes a layer of plaster while removing the dirt. Please call us before doing an acid wash.

We don’t recommend an acid wash every time you drain your pool. Acid washes are ONLY necessary if you are trying to remove dirt stains.

What is causing my tiles to fall off?

The major culprit of tiles falling off is pools settling. All pools will settle causing a crack around between the top of the tile and the bottom of the deck. This crack will need to be sealed.

My tiles are falling off, can you fix that?

Yes, if you have kept the old tile we can do a tile repair on your pool. In most cases the crack around the top of the tile underneath the deck will need to be sealed as well.

Can Calcium be removed from Pebble Tec?

Yes, we can remove calcium buildup from Pebble Tec.